Scientific Program

Electrochemistry, such as battery, electrochemical corrosion and protection, supercapacitor, electrosynthesis, electrolysis, electrodeposition, electroanalysis, photoelectrochemistry, light emitting electrochemical cell, electrochromism, electrochemical machining, electropolishing, electrodialysis and molecular devices, has received increasing attention because of their extensive applications. Interfacial electrochemistry plays critical roles for the successful applications of electrochemistry.

The meeting will cover interfacial electrochemistry and related topics to advance electrochemical science and technology and to promote international cooperation in electrochemistry. The main scientific scope includes solid/liquid and liquid/liquid interfacial electroanalytical chemistry, new material and approaches for the construction of electrochemical interfaces, imaging techniques for electrochemical interface, spectroelectrochemistry, photoelectrochemistry, single entity electrochemistry, interfacial electrochemistry in energy (batteries and supercapacitors, fuel cells), electrosynthesis, and molecular devices, theoretical and computational interfacial electrochemistry.